The Causes and Effects of the 2008 Financial Crisis

This is a video of that shows what happened during the 2008 financial crisis. Credit financing effects everyone as seen here:


Apple Stock

Apple Stock has been extremely volatile over the past couple months reaching it’s lowest point in almost 2 decades. Investors say Apple is a buy in today’s market because of this low price point it has reached. As an long-term investor in Apple I find myself at a loss financially however I am not investing in Apple for a quick buck but rather for the long term. In my opinion as well as in the opinions of reputable Wall Street analysts Apple is a BUY.

Beachfront Properties


Real estate at the beach can be extremely expensive because everyone looking for a house at the beach wants the perfect beachfront property at the perfect price. The further away that you get from the water the cheaper the house or condominiums get. (more…)