Fortune Magazine

Fortune is a news company that leads the world in gathering information on and about global businessmen and policymakers. This website is nothing short of a tool used to provide information on the leaders and those who impact the global economy.

Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance is a financial website that allows the user to follow the market in live time and read articles written by Yahoo’s financial experts . Yahoo also gives you the opportunity to create a financial portfolio with which you can track your financial holdings.


Investopedia is a one-stop-shop for anything you need to know about investing in the market. This website gives you an option to search for terms used in investing so the average investor may understand terms used by Wall Street analysts.

Business Insider

Business Insider gives the reader a wide variety a business information from current finance to sports and politics. Business Insider is a well rounded website with very good and current news information that also allows the reader to like and comment on posts.


Forbes is a leader in internet news that provides some of the world’s most trusted analysis and commentary. Forbes has a many interactive web tools such as databases and calculators. They also produces an annual list of the world’s top people within given categories.