About Me

Hi. My name is Edward Gerard Brennan III, and I was born on September 17, 1994. I was born and raised in Bethesda, Maryland, and I hope to live there after I graduate. I have two parents, a mom and dad, and a younger brother who is four years younger than me. I have two dogs, a black lab named Maggie and a Jack Russel terrier named Rex, and an orange cat named Kiki. I go to the University of Alabama, and I intend to graduate in the winter of 2017. I chose to go to the University of Alabama, because my mother went there and so did my grandfather; I’ve grown up saying “Roll Tide” all of my life!

When I first began college I was unsure of what industry I wanted to work in. I realized I was interested in law, so at the end of my first┬ásemester of freshman year I changed my major from undecided to political science. After going to a few classes, I realized law was NOT for me. I was a little worried that I would never decide what career I would be happy with. I began dating my girlfriend during second semester of freshman year, and she introduced me to the idea of being in the IT industry (it’s only going to expand from here on out). I changed my major during sophomore year from political science to marketing and computer science. Once I changed my major and began searching for internships, I realized how much opportunity is in the tech industry.

As a junior in college, I realize how much potential I have to succeed in the technological industry. Once I graduate, I hope to obtain an internship (hopefully that leads to a job) with an IT industry. I have some connections within the Sogetti Corporation; therefore I hope to establish a prosperous position within that company or another large IT company.