Beachfront Properties


Real estate at the beach can be extremely expensive because everyone looking for a house at the beach wants the perfect beachfront property at the perfect price. The further away that you get from the water the cheaper the house or condominiums get. Another problem is that everyone who is looking for a property at the beach is that those people are usually looking for a second home. They are looking for luxury homes that put regular people at a disadvantage since they cannot afford to pay the same amount as those people looking for luxurious homes. I have seen multi-million dollar houses that are beachfront with completely unnecessary features such as beautiful outdoor showers, rooftop hot tubs, and 3 car garages. These absurd properties are making it harder for the average beach goer to take a trip to the beach since the properties that are available for rent are no longer close to the beach and no longer reasonably priced. The beachfront real-estate market is constantly driven up by the wealthy making the house prices rise to an uncomfortable level. Personally I prefer to stay a little bit further away from the water and get a cheaper house that is potentially near or on a golf course. This way I can have the option to go to the beach, not have to pay too much for the house, and also get to play golf.


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